What Is Contemporary Art?

(I) oil on canvas - 90 x 60cm

(II) oil on canvas - 64 x 44cm

Those two parts of What Is Contemporary Art? series is an introduction to the Letter Art by putting a simple, but at the same time very controversial, question on the art table. The answer seems pretty clear but it is very blurry if you come ''closer''.

Last Supper?

oil & collage on canvas - 90 x 50cm

Was Jesus one of the first anarchists?

This imaginary party combines the past with the future. The use of the question mark in the title captures the wonder of existence and implementation, the continuity of an utopian situation which seems to be the future, but in which reality, where and with who?

Every last supper has its ''Judas''.

Compass (Homage to Wassily Kandinsky)

oil, metal, sand, brick, feathers on canvas - 62 x 62 cm

This painting is a homage to Wassily Kandinsky's geometrical analysis, which influenced the way that points, lines and levels are applied on a canvas and the meaning they have. Moreover, it was an innovative analysis for the general art movement of its time.

According to Kandinsky, each part of a canvas is not the same, in terms of the tension it has. The right low corner, has the biggest tension, where the objects are ''trapped''. On the other hand, the left upper corner is the calmest one, where open space and freedom are vivid. Kandinsky resembled the four sides of a canvas, with thre sky (north), the road/freedom (west), the ground (south) and home (east).

Holy Family

mixed media installation
(vintage drawer, vintage dolls, sand, glue, paper, tags)

How sacred is the family institution? It is easy to love the members of your family. It is more difficult to substantially esteem them. But how possible is to admit that you do not? Sand is a very fragile material, which can also be used as a surface hide-hole. The drawers are a limited space trap. Masks do always have a double role; they can hide and change at the same time.

''Holy Family’’ is a part of Home Sweet Homes series. It was first exhibited as an installation in the 4th TOAF in London.


oil on canvas - 78 x 90 cm

''The only thing we have to fear is the ‘culture of fear’ itself''. Initially motivated by the high popularity of a Nazi political party in Greece, this artwork deals with ''the culture of fear''. What is the ''super-human'' willing to sacrifice during its internal fight against fear?


oil & manila rope on canvas - 76 x 51 x 6 cm

My kid, My son, My child, My daughter, My baby, My, My, My...Nobody is a property of anyone. 

How much advantage do we take of the fact that a 5-year old kid cannot survive on its own?

Last Image

mixed media (oil & collage) on 3 canvases -  90 x 42 cm

This triptych creates a meeting between a kid and a soldier who have switched their natures. How much in common do they have? Two nations got two heroes. Two individuals got nothing. But they both experience the same ''last image''.